Fix broken kite or bridle line

Have you broken one of your bridle/kite lines? You can fix it in the following ways:

example of a copied water kite bridle line

Universal line copy

€ 5

Shipped within a few days

Price depends on the line length

Note it's better to change paired lines

Get Universal line copy
example of a diy kit: water kite bridle line, kite line sleeves, spool of nylon thread

Do-it-yourself kit

€ 4

Shipped the next business day

You'll get a line, 2 sleeves and a special nylon thread to sew loop ends

Check step by step instructions of how to actually do it

Price depends on the line length

Get Do-it-yourself kit
example of a spare kit: water kite bridle line, 2 sleeves

Spare line kit

€ 3

Shipped next business day

You'll get a line and 2 sleeves

You can replace/repair your line right on the beach. Check out how

No sunny wind session will be spoiled

Price depends on the line length

Get Spare line kit

If you have any questions please email us directly or use the contact form.

Broken line isn't a drama, it's just 2 shorter lines.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are really focused on quality. So please give us your feedback. And in case you are not satisfied you can request a return address via contact form. You'll get your money back after you return the product.

What are materials used to copy a line?

We use the high quality 2.5mm Dyneema line which has breaking strengths 560kg. To sew a loop we use protective sleeves and Bonded Nylon thread #69.

Where are you shipping to?

We ship to EU free of charge. Please clarify the postage fee for other destinations.

Can I get a complete bridle set?

Just send us line specifications and we'll be happy to copy it for you.